IFFR: short update

It’s to late already and my shift starts at 9.30 at the IFFR, so only a short update about the movies a saw, and which are worthwhile seeing (in my opinion)”

  • La nuit de la vérité: African movie about tribes trying to end a civil war. Powerfull acting and intelligent script.
  • Thai dusk, Thai dawn: a programme of shorts, with two very powerfull features among it.
  • Estamira: 100% better than expected. Story about a woman living on the ramps of the landfill in Rio de Janeiro. Very nice camerawork combined with a older woman who hates god and all the universe.
  • Of Love and Eggs: Indonesian movie, it is adverted in the programme schedule as a neo-islamic comedy. I liked it, but it does have the speed of Indonesian movies. Which, for as far as I know, is not very fast. But if you can handle that it is a nice story about people trying to complete there mosque with a dome, and people searching for love. Be sure to stay to the end, because they keep on testing… Most embarassing moment of the day: Me and my friends thought we recognises Miike Takeshi, but it turned out to be Okuhara Hiroshi, the director of A Blue Automobile, accompanied by Miyazaki Aoi. To bad I was the one asking, I think I reached the deepest point of Holland out of shame instantly…

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