Top annoyances at the IFFR

At number one, no doubt: we see Sophie… She was definitely the most irritating leading actress of a short movie at the festival. The first commercial ever at the start of the screening of a movie at the IFFR (as far as I know at least). She aroused a lot of comments from the audience, always negative. It is sad that commercial interests are getting more and more influences on the festival. And it is even sadder that internet reservations were almost impossible, even though Tiscali (a major European internet service provider) and Microsoft were both sponsors.

I just hope that the IFFR and Microsoft receive enough complaints about Sophie to let the festival organisation reconsider the further introduction of commercials before the screening. If it does expand, it can have negative effects on the time the audience enters the screening. I used to work in a commercial cinema and when they started to screen a lot of commercials before the main feature, the audience just came in later. The constant stumbling from people getting late is very annoying for the audience already watching the movie.

Besides that the commercial is THE example of a not creative, middle of the road add. See thinks of revolutionary plans: heads with flowers on them, a subway crowded with passengers… Can you think of something more boring?

At number two Mobile phonesYes, really. Even at a FILM festival people just don’t put them off or on silent mode if they are so f****** important they need to keep them on every minute of the day. If you’re really important, your secretary will take the message…

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