Investeren in energiebesparing loont volgens McKinsey

McKinsey & Company – The case for investing in energy productivity – February 2008

MGI research suggests that the economics of investing in energy productivity—the level of output we achieve from the energy we consume—are very attractive. With an average internal rate of return of 17 percent, such investments would generate energy savings ramping up to $900 billion annually by 2020. Energy productivity is also the most cost-effective way to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). Capturing the energy productivity opportunity could deliver up to half of the abatement of global GHG required to cap the long-term concentration of GHG in the atmosphere to 450-550 parts per million—a level experts say will be necessary to prevent the mean temperature from increasing by more than two degrees centigrade. Moreover, the opportunities to boost energy productivity use existing technologies that pay for themselves and therefore free up resources for investment or consumption elsewhere.

The capital required appears to be well within reach. The annual sum is equivalent to some 1.6 percent of global fixed-capital investment today, or 0.4 percent of current global GDP.

Interessant onderzoek, zeker gezien het feit dat energiebesparing een zogenaamde no-regret optie is. Als het hele broeikaseffect niet blijkt te kloppen, dan zul je nog steeds niet tegen besparingsmaatregelen zijn.

Bron: Solve Climate: McKinsey Explains How to Halve Global Energy Demand for Free

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