Milieu-econoom=milieuvriendelijk econoom?

Dat lijkt de achterliggende discussie op het weblog Env-Econ in de commentaren op de post A Drive Less! success story. Een erg vermakelijke discussie, drie citaten:

Tim Haab:


So now I’m doing the math. That’s a savings of $16.50 a commuting day ($5 in fare plus $2 in gas). He’s saving $96.50 a week. $4,439 a year**. That’s a Jet Ski to ride on Lake Lanier–we’re on our way.  Or a family vacation–he has 3 kids.  Or a motorcycle–his wife is going to kill me if she reads that.  Or a semester of college–ok not quite.  But you get the point.



Jet Ski? Man, you are some crazy kind of Environmental Economics blog. I do see Lake Lanier Vacation Rental advertises mountain biking, canoing, and kayaking … human powered sports, good for you and good for the planet.


Tim Haab:

If at some point in the past I have left you with the impression that I am an environmentalist, I apologize for the confusion. I am an economist who applies his training to environmental issues. I am also a utility maximizing consumer who likes to periodically ride really fast on the water.


Het gaat nog even verder, maar dat kun je op lezen.

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