Sustainable investment competition

I’ve been busy developing a simple sustainable investment competition for some time now. As I get questions from people to introduce the same concept in their organisation I herewith publice the concept under a Creative Commons license.

Name: Sustainable Investment competition

  • Platform to be used: MyC4
  • Competition is open for all employees of the organisations (and others if they like).

Amount to be invested: between starting at Euro 20 and Euro 100 and allowing any multitude of Euro 20.

  • Duration 3 months (possibillity to prolonge).

People can score on 2 elements:

  1. Rate of Return (ROR) as measured by
  2. Social Rate of Return (measured by the number of MDG markers of the opprotunities invested in per euro invested).

We’ll give 3 price:

  1. Best Social Investor (best combination of 2 below);
  2. Best investor (based on rate of return);
  3. Most social person in the world (based on Social ROR).

The thirst reward will get the best/highes/most honourable reward, as people should try to experience that there may be trade offs between ROR and Social ROR.


  • Anounce the total amount invested and the number of competitors at the end of the competition;
  • Anounce the largest investor


Do you have any remarks, improvements? Let me know in the comments!

Do you copy the concept, please let me know and give me a linkback and update on your experience 🙂

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