Real-IT Solutions produces educational software for easy learning of especially science and mathematics subjects for high school grades. The company is requesting for €4,193.00 to expand its marketing operations and improve market access and share

Real-IT Solutions is a privately owned Ghanaian company and provide Information and Communication Technological Solutions to educational institutions and sector as a whole.

In 2007, the company was selected to be part of the Ghana Multi-Media Incubator Centre, funded by UNDP and the Ghana Government to support young innovative and entrepreneurial talents to develop innovative products and viable business opportunities.

The company has successfully developed and produced additional science based educational software for junior and senior high school grades to facilitate easy learning of the subject. The product, which is dubbed EASY SCIENCE, is a low cost product and has undergone extensive market testing and piloting in community information centers.
Marketing and sale of the product have shown tremendous success and potentials within the primary and secondary consumer market target groupings especially among the parents, teachers, schools and community information centers.
Real IT intends to expand its marketing and sales operations to explore the significant market potentials demonstrated by the product.The loan of 4,193.00 Euros would assist the company to expand its marketing and sales team and advertise the product effectively.

With this loan Real-IT Solutions expects its average monthly sales to increase from € 1,228.80 to € 2,255.00.

Please see attached files on ‘Financials’

The loan of 4,193.00 Euros would create employment opportunities for three people .The Company is contributing to making the learning of science easy for children especially the girl child. Furthermore, the project would improve access to the product by many more children, who would find education to be fun and science and mathematics subjects easy to learn. The profit of the company would increase from 610.04 Euros to 1,144.00 Euros in the initial period. It is expected to grow exponentially after the initial cost recovery.

My bid

Bid Amount: 5.00
Interest Rate: 10.00 %
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