April overview Young Economic Affairs microcredit competition

It’s time for a little update on the Young EA Microcredit competition. The competition is on for a month now. There are 25 contestents competing for the titles:

  1. Best social investor
  2. Most social investor
  3. Best financial investor

The first category is a combination of the second and third category. The most social investor is the one who earns the most Millenium Development Goals per Euro invested. The best financial investors is the one with the highest average interestrate. Both are measured based on active loans only.

Each contestent has invested €20 to €50, together they have invested about a € 1,000. The competition is running through the MyC4 platform.

The spreadsheet used to calculate the results isn’t final yet, so the overview below may change as formulas are adjusted and tuned.

Top 5 in april

The current top 5 of social investors (user iDs, no name):

  1. 30607 with 39.42%
  2. 30610 with 37.25%
  3. 30604 with 36.13%
  4. 30598 with 35.38%
  5. 30591 with 35.00%

Top 5 most social investors:

  1. 30593 with 0.4 MDG/€ invested
  2. 30607 with 0.33 MDG/€ invested
  3. 30610 with 0.33 MDG/€ invested
  4. 30599 with 0.26 MDG/€ invested
  5. 30596 and 30591 both with 0.20 MDG/€ invested

Top 5 best financial investors:

  1. 30604 with 16.5%
  2. 30598 with 16.13%
  3. 30609 with 15.08%
  4. 30607 with 14.50%
  5. 30591 with 14.38%

Which shows both that it is possible to combine a good financial revenue with social goals, and that an investor can follow different strategies to get a high overall rating in the competition.

About half of the contestenst hasn’t made their first investment yet. So that does require some more attention to actually get people to invest.

More information about the competion

The information about the competition is currently only available in Dutch. I will be working on making all documents and the spreadsheet used available in English under Creative Commons license.

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