IFFR: short update

It’s to late already and my shift starts at 9.30 at the IFFR, so only a short update about the movies a saw, and which are worthwhile seeing (in my opinion)”

  • La nuit de la vérité: African movie about tribes trying to end a civil war. Powerfull acting and intelligent script.
  • Thai dusk, Thai dawn: a programme of shorts, with two very powerfull features among it.
  • Estamira: 100% better than expected. Story about a woman living on the ramps of the landfill in Rio de Janeiro. Very nice camerawork combined with a older woman who hates god and all the universe.
  • Of Love and Eggs: Indonesian movie, it is adverted in the programme schedule as a neo-islamic comedy. I liked it, but it does have the speed of Indonesian movies. Which, for as far as I know, is not very fast. But if you can handle that it is a nice story about people trying to complete there mosque with a dome, and people searching for love. Be sure to stay to the end, because they keep on testing… Most embarassing moment of the day: Me and my friends thought we recognises Miike Takeshi, but it turned out to be Okuhara Hiroshi, the director of A Blue Automobile, accompanied by Miyazaki Aoi. To bad I was the one asking, I think I reached the deepest point of Holland out of shame instantly…

Bush genomineerd als slechtste acteur & scherm stel

De Oscars komen eraan, dus ook de tegenhanger: The 25th Annual Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE®) Award Nominations WORST ACTOR Ben Affleck / JERSEY GIRL and SURVIVING CHRISTMAS George W. Bush / FAHRENHEIT 9/11 Vin Diesel / CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Colin Farrell / ALEXANDER Ben Stiller / ALONG CAME POLLY, ANCHORMAN, DODGEBALL, ENVY and STARSKY & HUTCH WORST SCREEN COUPLE Ben Affleck & EITHER Jennifer Lopez OR Liv Tyler / JERSEY GIRL Halle Berry & EITHER Benjamin Bratt OR Sharon Stone / CATWOMAN George W. Bush & EITHER Condoleeza Rice OR His Pet Goat / FAHRENHEIT 9/11 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen / NEW YORK MINUTE The Wayans Brothers (In or Out of Drag) WHITE CHICKS Kijk op de site voor het complete overzicht.

First days & movies

It’s the third day of the festival and today I will have my first shift at one of the press&industry viewings. I did went by the crew room yesterday, nice to see a lot of familiar faces again this year. Feels like a sort of homecoming every year. This might be the last post during the festival, because I expected some place to be able to A short description of the films I have seen (longer descriptions may follow after the festival):

With Blood on My Hands – Pusher II Danish movie about the downside of society. Hard, rough and unpolished, the movie tells the story about a pusher, who doesn’t seem to be able to make a good decission in his life. The movie breaths a 70’s atmosphere, because of the art direction and

The Tuner Russian black and white avant-garde movie. The movie starts very strong, with beautifull camerawork in it and some fascinating games with light and shades, just as frenchy wrote already. It felt a bit like Tuvalu. The same atmosphere and stiff acting. But the plot of the movie is weak and unsurprising. After an hour I was about to leave the screaning. I stayed to the end, because I thougth I was not good to walk out during the second day already. To bad I didn’t walk out.

Buffaly Boy Beautifull Vietnamese movie about people who live in an area that floods every year. The movie tells the story about a boy who groes up there at a small farm and goes to work with the buffalo herds. The movie contains lovely shots from the surroundings. Although The Netherlands contain a lot of water, it was strange for me to see people living in houses which were completely surrounded by water (not an inch of dry land left besides the house).

Illumination French movie about a young fisherman living on the edge of water and land, and living on the edge of mental illnes as well. Nice camerawork, both on the sea and on the land. Powerfull actors, who acted very convincing. A very good example of the best France can make.

A Portrait of America as a Young Empire This wasn’t actually a movie. It was more a programme with old American propaganda and instruction movies, dating back from the ’50 and ’60. Interesting to see the same retoric, which is now beiing used against terrorists, used against the communists. Makes you wonder what kind of instruction movies about psyops they show now a days. The director, Francois Bucher, told me after the screening that the old material is available under the Creative Commons license at the internet archives.

Zone5300 on the IFFR

The 34th Filmfestival Rotterdam has started tonight and I’m almost on my way to get some taste of it. I will try to post regularly, but only if I find a spare moment and computer. My schedule do leaves me spare moments, so stay tuned or wander on along the internet. The Dutch cartoon magazine Zone 5300 is reporingt about the IFFR. The first posts are there already, but in Dutch only.

But there are some nice international cartoons on their site, this one for example, or this one.

To find more news about the the IFFR: Technorati search for IFFR Feedster search for IFFR Or plain old Google search for IFFR.

Op visite bij de buren

Diverse media hebben vandaag bericht over Nawijn’s toenadering tot het Vlaams Blok, net als Ruud’s weblog. Op het gevaar af gestenigd te worden door ‘autochtonen’ Nederlanders, wil ik toch mijn mening kwijt over Nawijns toespraak (tekst (pdf-file)).

In B&W op Nederland 3 ging het vanavond o.a. over het volledige navelstaren waar Nederland zich de laatste tijd aan overgeeft, de is een duidelijk voorbeeld van een politicus die daar aan meedoet.

Het gaat in de toespraak enkel over de Nederlandse situatie. Dat andere ‘westerse’ landen met dezelfde problemen kampen, ongeacht of ze vanaf dag één op het leren van de taal en gebruiken van het nieuwe vaderland hameren.

Frankrijk en de VS hebben beide een veel strikter beleid op dat gebied, maar oplossingen lijkt dat niet te bieden. De banlieus in Frankrijk en de ghettos in de VS zijn nou niet echt voorbeelden van een geslaagde integratie. Samen met andere democratische landen zoeken naar oplossingen voor de huidige problemen lijkt dan ook veel zinniger, dan het navelstaren op de situatie in ons eigen kikkerlandje.

Andere landen kampen deels met vergelijkbare problemen, terwijl ze in het verleden ander beleid gevoert hebben en nog steeds andere keuzes maken. Het is aan politici en beleidsmakers om dat vorm te geven, als ik ongenuaceerde taal wens te horen kan ik ook naar de kroeg op de hoek.

De Groene Amsterdammer had met kerst een mooi nummer over wat de geschiedenis (de wat…??!) ons kan leren. Helaas heb ik die al weer kwijt gemaaktm, dus citeren gaat lastig 😦 Hopelijk hervind iemand in Den Haag binnenkort de Hollandse nuchterheid en wordt het snel in de curiculum van elke opleiding ingebakken.

Bronnen: Nu.nl NRC De Volkskrant De Groene Amsterdammer

Countdown to IFFR: 1 more night….

One night of sleep(lessness), 3 hrs of trafficjams (or less) and 8 hrs work and then the IFFR finally starts. Today I’ve tasted the first bit from the festival, I went to pick up my crew-ID, T-shirt and received a free catalogue and the Rotterdams Kookbook (Rotterdam Cookingbook).

Let’s say thanks to the sponsors. And not to be forgotten: The Doorman. The ‘official’ volunteer newspaper, CREW ONLY 🙂 Although I wasn’t very happy with the changes in the rules for volunteers at first, I think I managed to get tickets for some of the movies I want to see. So I do look forward to the moment I shut down my computer at work tomorrow. Nothing against my boss, but movies are more fun. My guess for the Audience Award (top 10 candidates):

MovieZone Award:

  • The Adventure of Iron Pussy

No screening for Submission I

Nu.nl reports that Submission I, the movie by Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, will not be screened at the IFFR. Column Producties has decided not to make a copy available to the IFFR because of safety advices. The IFFR wanted to screen the movie at the Rotterdam Film Parliament.

Although I’ve seen the movie and don’t think it’s very good, it is a pitty that the movie will not be shown at a festival which has a name in showing controversial movies from other countries.