Save the Green Planet (2003)

The latest picture on Steeph’s blog about silly things people do to their body, reminded me of one of my favourite moviesĀ of the IFFR 2004: Jigureul jikyeora! (2003) (aka: Save the Green Planet). At first I thought I was going to see a comedy about a lunatic environmental activist. But it soon turns out to be more like The Silence of the Lambs (1991) plot. But even that doesn’t fit the movie.

The plot starts real simple: a fanatic thinks their are aliens among us, trying to take over control of the earth. He wants to stop them, and tortures anyone who he suspects to be an alien. Two cops try to hunt him down, before he can make more victims. In one of the scenes bees play their part, but they aren’s as friendly as the ones on Steeph’s pic.

The movie is a strange mixture of styles, it isn’t a comedy or a drama, nor a police detective. And it isn’t a science fiction movie either. The movie contains some cruel scenes, but also very funny details. And the plot remains consisted throughout all the twists and turns. The actors and the art direction take care of the rest. I doubt any Hollywood producer dares to make a remake of this one, so dvd or video remains the only possibillity if you wanna see the movie.