Don’t grab land, invest in the locals

Tijd om te stoppen met grootschalig opkopen en het verkrijgen van langjarige pachtovereenkomsten (met ongunstige voorwaarden voor lokale bewoners. Tiijd om te starten met investeren in de lokale economie.


Have you heard about the phenomenon called ‘land-grabbing’? Multinational corporations and nations are buying up land in foreign countries for them to use – a lot of land. Consider this:

  • In the past 10 years an area the size of Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda put together – or 47 times the area of Denmark – has been sold off globally as land sales rapidly accelerate – that’s a total of 203 million hectares.
  • This land would be able “to feed a billion people, equivalent to the number of people who go to bed hungry each night.” But instead “about two-thirds of foreign land investors in developing countries intend to export everything they produce on the land.”

These are just some of the facts according to a recent report by Oxfam with the subtitle ‘Time out on the global land rush’.

"Our land, our lives", report from Oxfam

Oxfam emphasizes that local farmers’ rights end…

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