Olympische Spelen en June: de finale?

Pen Poem Relay

In a last minute push to the finish line, the PEN Poem Relay has reached 127 translations of ‘June’ to 100 languages! Just in time for the Olympics, which begin today, August 8, 8 pm Beijing time. After a journey that took it around the world and to more locations than any torch has ever been, ‘June’ returns to Beijing and to Mandarin Chinese.

Shi Tao, and now 43 other writers remain in prison in China. And this website about a poem remains blocked there.

The PEN Poem Relay has sent a Poetic Petition with all of its translations of ‘June’ to Hu Jintao, president of China, calling for the release of all writers in prison in China. Download the Press Release and Full Press Kit

Now we are asking you to write a letter. During the Olympics, take time out to send the Chinese authorities a letter and include a translation of June to your own language. Visit http://www.penpoemrelay.org for more details, or take action.

Straks maar ‘ns een briefje schrijven, printen, postzegel erop en de Nederlandse vertaling van June bijvoegen.

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